How beautiful are those tiny little humans.....
We can marvel at the beauty of new life for hours and not satisfy our eyes even then… such is the love for newborns and children. 

We at Pre-Loved Baby Boutique absolutely love babies. Having 14 grandchildren of our own, we understand how expensive having a baby can be.

Pre-Loved Baby Boutique is a family owned and operated business, by Jacqueline and Adrian Charles. What is known today as We Love Pre-Loved Baby Boutique was a basic initiative that started off from home.

Just come to us when you need to find the best for your babies and trust us you’ll find that Second Hand does not mean Second Best .

We Love Pre-Loved  Baby Boutique had been in business part time for 3 years. It was in September 2017 we decided to make a business out of it, but here, we aren’t really focused on making profits just providing good quality affordable baby clothing for everyone.